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Of the surveyed students...

% have 3-4 adaptive mindsets.

% have 1-2 adaptive mindsets.

% have no adaptive mindsets.

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About the Mindsets


Students who feel like they are a part of their school or classroom see school as a place where people like them can succeed. In turn, they are more engaged and invest more in their own learning.

% of surveyed students felt secure in their belonging.

Growth Mindset

Students who believe that intelligence can be developed believe that learning and effort are the keys to success. Because they understand that developing their intelligence requires hard work, they welcome challenges as opportunities to learn and perform better in challenging academic environments. Learn more by watching Eduardo Briceño’s TEDx talk "The Power of Belief – Mindset and Success."

% of surveyed students have a growth mindset.


Students are more likely to engage in tasks that they feel confident they can succeed at, and they persevere longer on those tasks than students who do not feel confident in their ability to succeed.

% of surveyed students felt very confident of their ability to do well.


Students who understand how content relates to things they care about (relevance) and how school can help them reach their personally meaningful goals (purpose) are more interested in learning and are able to maintain motivation in the face of setbacks.

% of surveyed students felt like their schoolwork is self-relevant.

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